Sunday, July 19, 2009


Mama's Ribs

Have you ever noticed that water, for the most part, is flat on top?

This fact is taken for granted and in all of my years of education, I don’t remember it ever being pointed out to me.

By looking at the underbelly of water, whether it is in a cup, a glass or the ocean bottom, you can determine its shape simply by changing your perspective. The fact that most of the earth is made up of water, just like most of us humans adds to a commonality of fluidity that lends itself well to the idea of roots and wings.

Water, with the help of gravity, always changes shape to seek out its roots. More often than not, when it is taking wing, it forms a drop that flies through the air as if it is searching for its existence of being flat on top.

Finding out about your roots can give you wings.

Digging deep enough to find your roots can be arduous. I have found it to be the hardest job of my life.

Living life on the surface without digging deep enough is a common, and quite honestly, more preferable way to get through. Sometimes life takes you in a direction you would not have chosen and you just have to hang on for the ride.