Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Briers Christmas, 2009

Bulbs on Stakes!

Howdy Neighbors,
In the spirit of the holidays and the eternal quest for neighborhood involvement, I thought I would take some time to document the decorated homes in our community.

We do have a Neighborhood Spirit Award, a.k.a. Yard of the Month.  The month of December brings with it a special Holiday Spirit Award....the Yard of the Month sign all dressed up for the season...

First night of Judging was tonight!  We will do 2 more evenings of walking the neighborhood to see what is going on.  The Winner will be decided by comments and feedback both here, facebook (join our group on facebook) and the Briers Yahoo group.  If there are no comments, I will narrow it down to 3 and send out emails asking for direct responses to count as a vote.  Vote early and vote often!

Here is a sampling of tonights contestants:

Last month's Yard of the Month - The Roseros

Buddies on Briers Drive

Briers Way, Christmas in the South!

Christmas Curve on Briers Dr

I love a Blue Christmas!

Happy Holidays Folks!
See you around the Neighborhood!

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